How to Use Magnesium Oil to Maximize Benefits?

How To Use Magnesium Oil To Maximize Benefits?

Magnesium Oil is not to be ingested but to be sprayed topically onto the skin for speedier absorption. Below-mentioned pointers are to maximize its gains.

  • For daily use, the best-suited areas are arms and shoulders; however, it can be sprayed on the stomach, thighs, or calves for additional benefits. Armpit application has also proven to be promising. 
  • When applied, it can give a slight tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth that acts as a good indicator that the body is suffering from low levels of magnesium. 
  • Begin with a moderate application when using for the first time so that the skin gets used to it and then gradually increase the dose. 
  • People with sensitive skin can dilute it with water before using so that they won't undergo an unpleasant sensation of tingling. 
  • As it is transdermal absorption, it requires at least 5 to 10 minutes for penetration. 
  • Do not spray magnesium oil in the eyes, freshly shaved skin, open wounds, or injured skin.