Magnesium Oil for Athletic Endurance

Have you ever felt like you can’t move your legs and other body parts after a strenuous workout?

Research shows that the fatigue, stress, and cramps you feel in your muscles could be due to magnesium deficiency in your body.

Magnesium is an essential building block for cells as it is a functioning force behind enzymes and helps to convert nutrients into energy that our body uses to function. ATP enzyme is the main source of energy in cells and for it to work properly it must bind with magnesium to form the Mg-ATP complex. Magnesium deficiency renders ATP function-less, so it is very common among athletes to get muscle spasms and cramps and It usually occurs after undergoing a period of vigorous exercise or high-performance activity. Spasms and twitches are also an indication of nutrient deficiency. It is very easy for the body to lose nutrients when it is put through gruelling physical work. 

Mg depletion in the body after a high round of activity affects the lifestyle of many athletes. If mg is not restored in the body, it can lead to muscle contractions and strain, and becomes more difficult to relax and restore the muscles. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to body dysfunctions and health problems especially in high working individuals like athletes. 

Athletes have been using magnesium supplements for a long time to enhance athletic performance and speed up the process of healing torn muscles. However, taking oral supplements poses quite a lot of side issues like diarrhea and other gut problems. So as you can see, magnesium oil directly sprayed on to the skin known as transdermal therapy is a great solution to help athletes and has been proven highly reliable solution to muscle cramps, spasms and helping with faster recovery.